• RES Equipment

    The RES line of equipment features Hedging Machines and No Till Tree Planters.

  • Evergreen

    The Evergreen line includes tree balers, conveyors and stump grinders.

  • Shakee

    Shake features the industry standard, popular line of tree shakers.



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RES Equipment builds high quality, durable systems for today's modern farmer. Using the highest grade materials, each product is manufactured by hand to the highest tolerances. Choose one of our brands in the menu at the top of the page, or scroll below through our products.

Lit’l Shakee Parts & Accessories

Lit’l Shakee parts list April 2015.

Click here to download the Lit’l Shakee Operators Manual.

To order parts, please call or email.Other parts may be available.

We will need your shipping address and payment information.



Tree Holder

Lit’l Shakee

Retaining Belt

Air Switch

Shakee 250 Parts & Accessories

Shakee 250 Parts List 2015  – SEE BELOW FOR DIAGRAMS

To order parts, please call or email.Other parts may be available.

We will need your shipping address and payment information.

 Shakee-250-04 Bearing150 AirSwitch150 RetainingBelt150
 Shakee 250 Bearing Air Switch Retaining Belt
Shakee Diagram 1 Shakee 250 Diagram 2 Shakee 250 Diagram 3 Shakee 250 Diagram 4

Heavy Duty Tree Planter

Heavy Duty Tree Planter

Our Heavy Duty Tree Planter can plant through sod, stumps, roots, and rocks, to plant up to 2000 trees per hour.


  • Super heavy-duty frame
  • Extra-large Colter and Show allow planting up to 15” deep and prevent J roots
  • Offset finger design allows extra-large trees to pass through planter
  • Rear counterweight bracket ensures roots are firmly packed for maximum survival
  • Ground drive metering wheel consistently spaces trees
  • Tree spacing can easily adjust from 2’ to 15’
  • Large “MT” style fingers with rollers handle all sizes of trees
  • Finger chain has oversized rollers for maximum life and smoother operation
  • Extra-large boxes hold more trees for longer runs
  • Plants up to 2000 trees per hour


  • Optional row markers space rows 3’ to 6’ apart
  • Heavy duty tool bar to operate 2 planters with one large tractor


Looking for Parts & Accessories? Click HERE


Why RES Equipment?

We understand what it takes to raise a Christmas tree from planting to harvesting. I've been working on tree farms and Christmas tree lots since high school…
We can design equipment specifically for your custom needs, or provide options to be used with your existing equipment. (more…)
We've developed our custom equipment from experience and with feedback from our customers, and offer you products that we're proud to see in fields and…

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5 October, 2015

Time to get parts!

We are just finishing a very busy farming season, but new balers and shakers are…

1 May, 2015

Time for grinding up those stumps!

We've been busy servicing grinders as farmers are clearing fields in preparation for planting. (more…)

7 April, 2015

Parts Lists

We are updating our replacement parts lists and will post them on the equipment pages…

28 January, 2015

Welcome to RES Equipment

RES Equipment started in 1996 building custom farm equipment for farmers. (more…)