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The RES Hedging machines are built for use in Grapes, Fruit Trees, Blackcaps, Blueberries, Raspberries, Nursery Stock, Nursery Cuttings & Conifer Seedlings industries.

Hedger: Model 200

Our most popular hedger. It features a head that cuts across the top and down the side of one row. Model 200 hedgers including mounting on the front right side of the tractor, for the best control and ease of operation. Hydraulic controls are conveniently placed near the steering wheel. Many options are available and are shown on the options list as requested.


  • Front mounted to tractor for easier operation leaves back free for implements
  • Hedgers attach and remove quickly and easily
  • Operates from tractor hydraulic power
  • Heads fold in for road travel
  • Heads are shear pin protected
  • Height, width, and tilt adjust hydraulically on the go
  • Replacement parts are readily available
  • Opposing-blade design cuts material cleaner and faster
  • Solid Brass bearings on a high alloy steel crank
  • Special pointed blades allow more material into cutter, faster
  • Blade Guards are provided for protection from blades when not in use

Options: The following options are available on Model 200 & 400 Hedgers

  • Top cutter length can be 1 ½’, 2’, 3’ or 4’.
  • Side cutter length can be 4’, 5’ or 6’.
  • Hydraulic adjustments available for Vertical, Horizontal, and Tilt.
  • Electric control allows above functions to be controlled with electric switches.
  • Adjustable angle top cutter allows top cutter bar to be adjusted from 90 degrees to 135 degrees.



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