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Shakee 250

The Shakee 250 is perfect for farms and busy lots and is built for heavy-duty use. It is easy to use, move and store. This unit is available in multiple styles including three power options (Honda gas powered, PTO and Electric), and wheel kit for towing and moving around the farm or lot.


  • Three power options:

– 5.5 hp Honda direct drive engine (shown)

– 540 rpm PTO driven

– 1 hp ‘farm duty’ electric motor with foot switch

  • Heavy duty construction.
  • Field proven.
  • Air Foot switch for electric models.
  • Easy to obtain replacement parts.


  • Shown with optional Wheel Kit.  Includes highway rated tires, tongue and handles for easy moving around your yard.
  • Tree Holder available.

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Video of our Shake 250 Electric in action!