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Heavy Duty Tree Planter

Our Heavy Duty Tree Planter can plant through sod, stumps, roots, and rocks, to plant up to 2000 trees per hour.


  • Super heavy-duty frame
  • Extra-large Colter and Show allow planting up to 15” deep and prevent J roots
  • Offset finger design allows extra-large trees to pass through planter
  • Rear counterweight bracket ensures roots are firmly packed for maximum survival
  • Ground drive metering wheel consistently spaces trees
  • Tree spacing can easily adjust from 2’ to 15’
  • Large “MT” style fingers with rollers handle all sizes of trees
  • Finger chain has oversized rollers for maximum life and smoother operation
  • Extra-large boxes hold more trees for longer runs
  • Plants up to 2000 trees per hour


  • Optional row markers space rows 3’ to 6’ apart
  • Heavy duty tool bar to operate 2 planters with one large tractor


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