Model 100 Hedger

The RES Hedging machines are built for use in Grapes, Fruit Trees, Blackcaps, Blueberries, Raspberries, Nursery Stock, Nursery Cuttings & Conifer Seedlings industries.

Hedger: Model 100

A straight cutter bar featuring our unique opposing blade design, built to any length between 1½ feet and 12 feet. They include a drive mechanism and hydraulic motor, mounted and ready to run. Model 100s are commonly used by nurseries and berry farms for special applications.


  • Front mounted to tractor for easier operation leaves back free for implements
  • Hedgers attach and remove quickly and easily
  • Operates from tractor hydraulic power
  • Heads fold in for road travel
  • Heads are shear pin protected
  • Height, width, and tilt adjust hydraulically on the go
  • Replacement parts are readily available
  • Opposing-blade design cuts material cleaner and faster
  • Solid Brass bearings on a high alloy steel crank
  • Special pointed blades allow more material into cutter, faster
  • Blade Guards are provided for protection from blades when not in use


  • The Model 100 can be mounted by the customer or by RES Equipment for specific applications.