Stump Grinder

Evergreen HD Stump Grinder

The Evergreen HD Stump Grinder is built specifically for grinding Christmas tree stumps with high horsepower tractors.  The HD model is designed to operate with up to 275 horsepower, enabling it to quickly grind any size or species of Christmas tree stump.  Several new features make this model dependable and will provide years of service with little down time.


  • Shaft sizes increased by at least 45%.
  • “Triple 100” size drive chain in oil bath is 50% stronger.
  • Shock absorbing chain tension cushions protect drive chain and reduce wear.
  • Multi-pass, high tension, needle peened welds in critical areas.
  • Cam release driveline clutch protects drive train components.
  • Longer frame improves driveline angle and increases weight.
  • Shaft guards on drum protect bearings and seals.
  • Grinds up to 1 acre (1700+ stumps) per hour.
  • Adjustable depth to 9” deep.
  • Replaceable, threaded, long life, carbide cutter bits for long life.


  • Larger gearboxes: 10” or 12”.
  • Grinding widths available: 28” and 32”
  • Drive Shafts: 160 HP- no clutch, 160 HP, 260 HP or 325 HP w/cam style clutch available


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Video of our Stump Grinder in action!