John Parenteau

Videos for Lit’l Shakee Repair

Check out these videos for simple repair tutorials for the Lit’l Shakees.

01 Litl Shakee Repair Open Cover    

02 Litl Shakee Repair Remove Motor

03 Litl Shakee Repair Loosen Tower

04 Lit’l Shakee Repair Remove Slinger/Tower

05 Pressing out bearings part 1

06 Pressing out bearings part 2

07 Pressing out bearings part 3

08 Install new cone bearing

09 Press cone onto shaft tower

10 Install Slinger and Tower

11 Install motor part 1

12 Install motor part 2

13 Attach V belt                     

Lit’l Shakees are ready to rock n roll!

Lit’l Shakees are ready to rock n roll!

We have inventory ready to order, ship to you, or pick up at our Woodburn location. Also check with your local christmas tree supply distributor as they may stock some items and save you shipping and time. Call Nicole to place your order! 503-634-2242

Time to get parts!

Time to get parts!

We are just finishing a very busy farming season, but new balers and shakers are being manufactured, and we are stocked with parts for servicing your equipment as you get ready for the tree harvest season. Please give us a call at 503-634-2242 to order parts or schedule shop repairs. We are also generally here at the shop Monday-Friday 8-4 if you need to just stop by.